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The Humpback delights coastal dwellers with its acrobatics as it makes its way through Australian waters and by increasing our understanding of this mammal, its environment and the impact man has upon it, we will have a greater chance of ensuring its survival.

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Pesticide Pollution – Killing Our Kids and Whales

Neither human children nor marine mammals can protect themselves against harmful pesticides. With flood waters in northern NSW sending farm...

11 Mar 2022

Beached As?

We are happy to report that these large forms washed up on Sharpe’s Beach at Skennars Head, in northern NSW,...

7 Mar 2022

Humpback whales safe…

…but the campaign continues It is wonderful news that the Australian humpback whale is off the endangered species list. This...

1 Mar 2022

World Whale Day

Sunday 20 February is International Whale Day Celebrate! Because these magnificent marine mammals are integral to saving our environment. Watch...

21 Feb 2022

Whale Cuisine

How many diners can fit inside a blue whale’s mouth? The answer is 100, give or take a few for...

17 Feb 2022

Iceland to Ban Whaling

Iceland to bow to economic and environmental pressure to end whale hunting industry.

11 Feb 2022

Ways to Save the World this Christmas

1. A Healthy Ocean = a Healthy Me Gift a $10 Gowings Whale Trust certificate to someone you love who...

15 Dec 2021

Loving the Plastic Life

A whale preservation charity is funding Australia’s first Indigenous-run marine plastic recycling enterprise, transforming waste plastic into objects of desire. ...

2 Dec 2021

Walking whales and underwater wolves. Halloween? No, just evolution.

About 50 million years ago in the Eocene Age, according to marine mammal expert Professor Tracey Rogers of UNSW, the Earth’s environment boasted high temperatures supporting rich rainforests and warm waters abundant with sea life.

2 Nov 2021

Santa, Surf Legends, Superheroes of the Sea, and You

Superheroes always look cool while they’re saving the world, don’t they? You can too. Gowings Whale Trust is partnering with...

27 Oct 2021

Massive Beach Clean Up on Christmas Island

How much marine debris would you expect to pick up on a single beach? In just one day, 975 kilograms...

25 Aug 2021

A Prosthetic Flipper to Give Injured Sea Turtles a Second Chance

When Nick van der Geest was a child, he dreamt of having a pet sea turtle. That didn’t happen, but...

2 Nov 2020

Gowings Whale Trust: Protecting The Coast’s Majestic Mammals

Stop what you’re doing and hotfoot it to your nearest beach or headland: whale watching season has officially begun! From...

5 Jun 2020

Photo Gallery of MAGNIFICENT Humpback Whales

Whale-come! We’re glad you stopped by. Humpbacks are one of the most easily recognised of these giants of the sea...

4 Jun 2020

Humpbacks on the Move

It’s whale season, and a group of talented artists are sharing their love of the majestic creatures that grace our...

24 Jul 2019