Photo Gallery of MAGNIFICENT Humpback Whales

Whale-come! We’re glad you stopped by. Humpbacks are one of the most easily recognised of these giants of the sea as they spend a lot of time near the surface of the water. From early June thousands and thousands of humpbacks make their way from the Antarctic along the NSW coast to breed in warmer waters, before returning with their calves throughout September and October. You may also occasionally see Southern Right Whales, Sperm Whales and Minkes.

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What are Whales?

The whale is the largest animal on Earth and is fairly evenly distributed in every ocean. These massive mammals can range from a 280 kgs dwarf sperm whale to the colossal blue whale, which can weigh more than 180,000 kgs and stretch up to 30 metres long. 

Whales – humpbacks, in particular – emit some vocalisations that can be heard for miles underwater. These “songs” are a combination of moans, howls, and cries that may continue for hours. The sounds are produced when whales push air around inside their heads and then amplify the sound through a blob of fat that perches on the top of their jaw.

Check out these Humpback Whales

So, now for the fun part, let’s check out some photos. 

humpback high five

Breaching is one of the humpback’s most spectacular manoeuvres – if you’re lucky later in the year you might see a mum showing her calf what to do

We spy, we spy, a gentle giant in the sea!

gowings whale trust

Photo Gallery of MAGNIFICENT Humpback Whales

This humpback whale is “spy-hopping” next to a boat. Whales can be such curious giants.

When the light captures your good side. Such a majestic and beautiful beast!

whale trust australia

Mother and calf photo sesh!

protect the whales

A humpback whale “lobtailing” – smacking its tail hard on the water. Possibly another form of communication, this is such a great sight. Did you know whales’ tail markings are unique, just like our fingerprints?

humpback whales
whale trust fund


whale swimming

If we love seeing these majestic animals, we need to protect them – and all ocean life – at all costs.

Love whales? Visit Gowings Whale Trust Shop for available merchandise. 100% of proceeds will go to fund selected research for the preservation of these gentle giants.

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