Outdoor adventures on the mid-north coast of NSW

Things to do in Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie & surrounding areas

Throughout the mid-north coast of NSW, there is a wide range of outdoor adventures that you and your family or friends can experience. The Coffs Coast & Port Macquarie, in particular, have some incredible outdoor adventures and activities to experience. Additionally, the mid-north coast has one of the best climates in NSW, with refreshingly warmer winters and not as extreme summers. It’s right in the middle of two capital cities (Sydney & Brisbane), making it a fairly short drive (in Australian terms). Not to mention the relaxed laid-back North Coast lifestyle that is a welcomed change to the fast-paced city life.

Choose our pristine fishing spots for your next outdoor adventure

Some of the most pristine abundant fishing spots can be found on the mid-north coast. Fishermen/women from all over the country will travel to the mid-north coast of NSW, just to experience these fishing spots. Thus Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and surrounding areas make it the perfect outdoor getaway for the fishing enthusiast.

The beautiful breathtaking beaches of the Coffs Coast & Port Macquarie

Not only is the fishing good, but our beaches are also some of the most beautiful pristine beaches in NSW. With stunning white sand that stretches for kilometres and warm crystal clear water. Additionally, most of these beaches are also often completely void of people. Therefore you often have the entire beach all to yourself, making it your own little piece of paradise.

On top of all of this, many of these beaches are amazing surf spots. Which is perfect for the travelling surfer looking to discover the next perfect wave to ride on an uncrowded beach.

There are many more nature and outdoor activities for you to experience

There is so much more to discover, that we simply can’t include it all in this introduction. However, reading through our various articles below will help you know where to look for your next adventure.

Some of the most popular outdoor adventures and activities in the region range from whale watching, the big banana, the many rainforest walks & stunning lookouts, mountain bike parks, diving, kayaking and so much more!