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The Humpback delights coastal dwellers with its acrobatics as it makes its way through Australian waters and by increasing our understanding of this mammal, its environment and the impact man has upon it, we will have a greater chance of ensuring its survival.

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Whale Comp Winners Announced

Congratulations to Ash McMurrich and Peter Rogers! These two talented photographers will receive a whale watching tour as First Prizes,...

8 Sep 2022

Whale Migration

Humpback whales migrate nearly 19,000 kilometres from their home feeding waters in Antarctica to the warm breeding waters of Queensland....

8 Aug 2022

The Evolution of Whale Communication

Whales are renowned for the beauty of their song, yet there ability to hear underwater is all about the evolution...

2 Aug 2022

Whale Entanglement

Why do whales keep getting tangled in shark nets? And what should you do if you see it happen? Vanessa Pirotta,...

14 Jul 2022

Living On Whale Poo

Never poo-poo poo poo. Without whale poo, our ocean ecosystem would fail. Who’d have thought? Even more surprising, some forms...

6 Jul 2022

Focus On: Jetty Dive

Mike and Deb Davey are the owner operators of Jetty Dive in Coffs Harbour. The Davey’s and their crews have...

1 Jul 2022

Who Are the Biggest Influencers on Earth?

Not a millennial in Byron Bay, or a New York housewife, but a baleen whale. Baleen whales, the humpback, minke or...

22 Jun 2022

Why Do Whales Migrate?

Food and love is why. Humpback whales migrate to the warm waters of Far North Queensland in order to birth...

17 Jun 2022

Focus on Matty Smith

Underwater Photographer of 2022 for Great Britain Matty Smith, is actually a resident of Newcastle, NSW. However, his camera takes...

14 Jun 2022

Loving the Plastic Life, Part 2

FCS donates 1% of all sales to the Gowings Whale Trust as part of their 1% for the Ocean campaign....

30 May 2022

Why Are Whales So Big?

Whales are big, really, really big. As big as bus, but underwater. Just in case you didn’t get it the...

26 May 2022

Can Whales Whistle?

Close your mouth, hold your breath and whistle Marine mammals can do it, so why can’t we? A simple answer...

20 May 2022

Plenty of Fish

By Sean Doherty, Editor of Surfing World Tuncurry has new locals A bit of local folklore. Back maybe 20 years,...

2 May 2022

Eating Like a Whale

The Suction Method Diet This is not the latest fad food diet! It’s the way that baleen whales eat their...

25 Apr 2022

Join the Sea Shepherd Campaign

Pesticides, dead animals, broken buildings, nets, fencing and of course, the ever-polluting plastic, are being washed out to sea as...

17 Mar 2022