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Zacharey Jane

Coastbeat Journalist - Byron Bay

Zacharey Jane is a writer, teacher and painter. Her two publications with UQP are The Lifeboat, released internationally, and the children’s picture book, Tobias Blow. She has been an author and tour manager on the Byron WF regional tour, Writers on the Road, since 2014. Zacharey is senior on-staff writer for Coastbeat magazine and has contributed to various academic and literary journals.

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Banking on a future with Mike Smith from Carbon Collective

They say that if you want a job done, ask a busy person, but what if that job is saving...

22 Dec 2019

Beeswax Wrap Recipe

Beeswax wraps may be the latest rage but given they’re organically produced, biodegradable, sustainable and rapidly replacing single-use plastic wrapping,...

9 May 2019

ANZACs – Remembering the innocents of World War One

Our Summer issue of Coastbeat featured an article on Save the Brumbies and mentioned ‘Walers’, the horses that carried the...

9 Apr 2019

A Full Moon Paddle on the Clarence River

Moon river, wider than a mile the song goes, and this issue we’re crossing it in style for the Full...

9 Apr 2019

Yamba’s French Pan Tree Restaurant

The online search function reads: Sorry, we could not calculate distance from “Yamba, NSW” to “Paris, France”. This is not an algorithm error....

9 Apr 2019

David Helfgott – Still Shining

David Helfgott is the astounding pianist made famous through the 1996 Oscar-winning biopic Shine. Many of his admirers regard him...

9 Apr 2019

Clarence Valley plunge Art & Culture Festival

Every Autumn, the Clarence Valley plunge Art & Cultural Festival takes a deep dive into arts of every description. plunge...

2 Apr 2019

Ripped Off Art Exhibition

Iconic images of sun bronzed surfers gazing seaward across empty beaches have become as synonymous with Australian culture as Parisians...

26 Mar 2019

Keeping the Light Love Shining

Ideals manifest in many ways. For Anja Light, the house she built near Iluka stands as a symbol for the...

18 Feb 2019

It Takes Two – Ollie McGill & Georgie Chorley

The sum of the parts has got to be greater than the whole when those parts are musicians, Ollie McGill...

12 Feb 2019

Artist, Niah Juella McLeod

Niah Juella McLeod is the face of the future: a child of the digital age who looks to her ancestors...

21 Jan 2019

The Hive of Life – Beekeepers of the North Coast

Bees are our early warning system; the ‘canary in the coal mine’: if bees die, so do we. Without bees,...

21 Jan 2019