Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a colourful, energetic town at the most eastern point of Australia, just twenty minutes south of the Queensland border. The land traditionally belongs to the Arakwal Nation, who are a vibrant community, rich in traditional culture.

The first European colonisers came for farming and whaling in the 1800s, but now the town is renowned worldwide as a beautiful and relaxed place to spend time. Not surprisingly, Byron Bay has broad appeal – be it young travellers from overseas, holidaying families or citysiders investing in a lifestyle change.

There are boutiques aplenty but the town also a rich cultural life, represented by the musical, literary and other arts festivals that occur in Byron and nearby towns throughout the year.

There is a genuine love of the artisan-made and organic in Byron Bay and a chilled, friendly atmosphere that makes it an international must-see town. Byron Bay represents modern Australian culture at its best.

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