Magic Blue Tea – Really

Tea for two, and two for tea,

Blue for you and blue for me.

Feeling blue? Have a cuppa – blue tea, that is, magical, blue colour-changing, super-blend tea from Red Sparrow in Coffs Central: Blue Warrior tea. This marvellous concoction is worthy of a Hogwarts herbalist, made from 100% all-natural, organic ingredients with amazing immune boosting benefits.

Watch your tea turn blue as it brews! Red Sparrow have blended this lemony in-house brew with your health and your entertainment in mind. Add a dash of your favourite citrus and the tea will change colour again to the prettiest shade of purple. It not only looks good, it tastes good and is good for you.

The blue colouring comes from the Blue Pea Flower, a natural food colouring used widely across Asia. Adding a citrus to the tea increases the Ph level, which changes the blue to purple. The Blue Pea Flower is a legume often used for soil rehabilitation and enrichment. Its roots form a symbiotic association with soil bacteria in a process known as ‘nitrogen fixing’, that is, transforming atmospheric nitrogen (N2) into a form usable for plants.

Magic Blue Tea – Really

Why it’s good for you

Blue Warrior tea is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, that are purported to have an immune boosting effect, encouraging normal blood-sugar levels and helping to maintain overall health and wellness. Check out the Red Sparrow website for a comprehensive ingredients list.

While you are there, have a look at their huge range of teas, both healthy and delicious. Red Sparrow also sell everything you need to make the perfect cuppa.

And did you know that, according to Dr Norman Swan at the ABC Health Report on Radio National, the water content of your cup of tea does count towards re-hydration, which is very important for beautiful skin (among other benefits). To find out why, read our article on de-stressing your skin in Coastbeat Spring magazine and here online.

Drink up!

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