Stress and its impact on our skin, endota spa

Each and every day, many of us focus on what needs to be done tomorrow, this week, next month or into the future but have we lost connection to the present?

Forgetting the here and now has derailed our self-care. It’s vital to spend time, even just 15 minutes every day, connecting to your present feelings – finding that time to unwind and reduce stress.

Stress is hugely important to how our skin reacts. The more stressed we are, the more fine lines and wrinkles are present. Water is usually the first thing to go when we’re stressed, a result of being internally and externally dehydrated. Having your water bottle close to you throughout the day, drinking that 1-2 litres, will help flush out toxins within our bodies and help hydrate our skin.

When we drink water, it goes straight to our internal organs, aiding digestion and the vital functions of the body. The skin is the largest organ in the body and yet it is the last place the water goes to.

Holly Jackson owner of Endota Spa
Holly Jackson from endota spa in Port Macquarie

My tip to help with dehydrated skin: use a serum that contains hyaluronic acid which will aid in the retention of water in the skin.

Stress can also cause a change in our hormones. This has a dramatic effect on our skin, whether it be through acne, pigmentation or wrinkles. Finding a good skincare regime can help prevent these changes.

Reducing all those stressors is obviously not always achievable but I strongly encourage everyone to switch off and find some quiet time every day. Fix yourself a cup of organic tea, grab a well-being journal and simply ‘be’ for a little while. This will allow you to adapt to your stressors instead of having a reaction to issues. Your loved ones are living the journey with you and often when you’re irritable there can be a knock-on effect for the rest of the family.

Disconnect those devices, step away from screens and just for a short while, stop, slow down, meditate. Take the time to consider the impact stress is having on you.

Find your haven, wherever that is – by the beach, at home, somewhere with a view – and let it be your place to disconnect to reconnect. Your skin and body will thank you for it.

Holly is the spa owner of endota spa in Port Macquarie, located at the Observatory Hotel in William St. For more information, phone 6584 7888 or go to