Why Buy Organic?

It’s Australian Organic Awareness Month. The idea is to help people understand the importance of eating and using certified organic products. From the benefits of organic farming to the joys of sipping on an organic beer, it’s all celebrated in September.

In Australia, Certified Organic Always Means:

  • Sustainable and Regenerative
  • Synthetic Herbicide, Pesticide and Chemical Free
  • Free Range and No Artificial Additives or Hormones
  • All GMOs are Prohibited

Here, Matt, from Port Central’s Organics MattR, shares what’s in season for spring.

Spring Veggies

Artichokes – Asparagus – Broccoli – Beans – Beetroot – Brussel Sprouts – Cabbage – Carrot – Cauliflower – Cucumber – Eggplant – Lettuce – Onion – Potatoes – Pumpkin – Tomato

Spring Fruits

Apples – Avocados – Bananas – Grapefruit – Honeydew Melon – Lemons – Limes – Kiwifruit – Mandarines – Navel Oranges – Passionfruit – Red Papaya – Rockmelon – Strawberries – Watermelon

Watch the Masters of Fresh in action on their farm near Port Macquarie. Find their fresh produce at Port’s Central’s Real Food Market – every Tuesday from midday.