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We feel pretty darn lucky to call Australia home. With its beautiful and diverse landscape, it’s no wonder outdoor sports are part of our blueprint. Stormriders stores are making waves in youth culture all over regional New South Wales and have got you covered with their inspiring range of skate and surf youth lifestyle gear. The impressive lineup of industry leading global and independent brands keeps Stormriders fresh and on point.

Shop owner Anthony DzMackadz Wilson is a keen surfer, born and bred on the Mid North Coast. He became involved in the local retail scene through his involvement with the sport;

“A friend and I used to run a board riders club, our local shop sponsored the club and 18 months later I was a part owner of that same shop.”

Macka and an ex partner bought “Saltwater Wine Surf Centred” in Forster in 1989 and as the business expanded there became a need for a store that catered to our other favourite board sports. Stormriders was born in 2010, however Macka had registered the name back in the 90’s after a lightning-bolt moment on a snowboarding trip at Mammoth Mountain, California. The brand is growing quickly with their own range of apparel landing in stores recently and the latest store to open up in Tamworth in September. They also have outlets in Port Macquarie, Kempsey, Forster, Orange, Bathurst, Armidale and Dubbo.

Stormriders skateboards

“The response to new Stormriders stores have been really positive, we’ve brought a number of new brands to some of the regional towns including Thrills, Afends and says Macka, DzWe are always trying to bring the latest and freshest brands and products to life in our shops.”

The Mid North Coast also has some impressive skating facilities, with the new Port Macquarie skate park considered to be one of the best in Australia.

The stores stock a wide range of shoes, skateboards, clothes and accessories. Stay stylish with the latest threads, shades, decks and footwear, while listening to sweet soundtracks playing in the background and keep up to date with the latest arrivals and events on their instagram account @stormriders_au

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A Go Pro is a prized commodity for any adventurous soul. Tiny, compact and oh-so portable, this bad boy can strap onto just about anything and withstands any kind of weather – snow, surf, heat. Read on for Stormriders guide on all things Go Pro.

If you’re big on outdoors sports it’s highly likely you own a Go Pro. And if you don’t, well, you should. These tiny cameras allow you to shoot videos and still images anywhere, anytime. Fitting easily into the palm of your hand, you can hook your Go Pro up to your surfboard, skateboard, bike, helmet…just about anything! It comes with waterproof housing for the ocean lovers and is super lightweight so you won’t even know it’s there. Go Pro devices allow you to connect to a wifi network, making it compatible with their own Wifi Remote (allowing you to control your Go Pro up to 600 feet away), and phone/tablet app.


1. Grab yourself a Class 10 (or higher) micro SD card.
2. Make sure your Go Pro software is up to date, visit:
3. Your battery is partially charged straight out of the box, however if you wish to charge it simply plug the accompanied cord into the camera then into a computer or USB port. When charging, the LED red light will remain on (located on the front of the camera). When the light goes off you’re fully charged and good to go!
4. Simple use of three buttons: – Power Mode: located on front of camera allows you to turn it on and off and cycle through camera modes and menus. – Shutter / Select: located at top of camera, it starts and stops recording, takes photos and allows you to select from menu. – Wifi On / Off: located on right side of camera, press and hold button for three seconds to turn wifi on and off.
5. LED lights: you will find five lights on your camera – two located on the front with the top light flashing blue to indicate you are connected to wifi, the bottom flashes red indicating recording or video capture. The other three smaller lights are located at the top, bottom and back of camera and will flash blue or red to indicate wifi connection or recording/image taking.
6. Turning on: press Power Mode button, red indicator light will flash three times and you will hear three beeps.
7. Turning off: press Power Mode button for two seconds, you will see a series of flashes followed by seven beeps.

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