World Humanitarian Day

A Day of Hope

World Humanitarian Day is all about recognising the brave people who have sacrificed their lives for humanitarian causes, celebrating the spirit which inspired their self-sacrifice. On this day, we are encouraged to get involved in humanitarian work.

The day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2003 and this year is bringing attention to the millions of civilians affected by armed conflict, including aid workers, women and children.

You can join the online campaign at #NotATarget.

What else can you do?

There is plenty that you can do, big and small. The list below is just a place to start.

  • Donate your time and skill to a community project
  • Stand up for someone being picked on
  • Volunteer at a hospital
  • Let another driver in front of you and give them the wave
  • Bring in your neighbour’s bins
  • Pick up litter in public places, especially the beach
  • Volunteer at a local charity
  • Step back to allow someone else to go first
  • Volunteer at an aged care home
  • Eat in and donate the difference to a charity
  • Give a stranger the best wave when you’re surfing
  • Mow your neighbour’s nature strip
  • Volunteer for reading at the local primary school

Talk to your friends, family and colleagues about World Humanitarian Day. Organise an event at home or in your neighbourhood. The ultimate goal of World Humanitarian Day is to make our place a better place. If every one of us does just one thing, no matter how small, we will have achieved millions.

An Australian Humanitarian

Deng Adut was forced to become a child soldier in Sudan at the age of 7. He was eventually rescued by his brother and accepted as a refugee to Australia, where he taught himself English and studied law. He is now a lawyer and humanitarian, working to help his community in Western Sydney. In 2017, he was named NSW Australian of the Year.

Deng Adut, Songs of a War Boy

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