Ways to Stay Active This Winter

In the colder months, we find ourselves hitting the snooze button and pulling up the covers rather than bouncing off out of bed for that morning workout. The cold and rain can be a killer, even for the most dedicated fitness fanatics. However, staying active during winter not only has a benefit on our physical wellbeing but also on our mental health, which during the cloudy and cold months of winter can suffer. 

So, to help keep you motivated and active in these chilly months, here are a few tips and tricks!

Create a warm environment 

Creating a warm environment makes getting out of bed easier. If possible, set your heater to come on an hour before you plan on getting up. This way, by the time you are ready to bounce out of bed, your house is nice and warm, so it’s less of a struggle. Another time-saving tip is to plan your outfit the night before so it’s ready by your bed and you can grab it as soon as you get up. 

Ways to Stay Active This Winter

Treat yourself to a new workout outfit 

Sometimes the easiest way to get motivated is to treat yourself to a new gym outfit. Lorna Jane and Rockwear – both located in Port Central – offer a range of activewear perfect for colder months. Some of the fabulous pieces include the Midnight Blocked Ankle Grazer Tights or Revive Track Pants from Rockwear, or the Always Warm Excel Jacket available at Lorna Jane. If you are looking for more affordable activewear, you should definitely check out Kmart (located in Coffs Central), Some of their stylish pieces include the Active Women’s Tech Sweat, Active Burn Out Track Pants, or the Active Women’s Crew Neck Core Sweat.    

Make it a goal just to get to the gym

By making your goal just getting out of bed and getting to the gym, you’re already over the hard part. Once you’re dressed and at the gym, the desire to work out is easy. So, our advice is to focus on simply getting dressed and showing up. The rest will follow naturally!

Stick to a healthy and well- balanced diet

Eating a healthy and balanced diet throughout winter is the best way to keep those extra kilos off. Additionally, it keeps your body fighting fit, gives you more motivation, and it just helps you feel great!

Ritchies IGA and Organics MattR in Port Central offer a wide range of healthy eating options, such as the healthy and nutritious ready-to-eat Muscle Nation meals, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables which Organics MattR sources straight from the farmers locally.

Fresco, located in Coffs Central, also stocks a wide range of fruit and veg that you can now purchase easily online and have it delivered to your door!

For more fresh fruit and veg directly from local producers, don’t forget to visit the Real Food Markets in Port Macquarie every Tuesday from 12 pm.

Ways to Stay Active This Winter

Make exercise fun

Sometimes the same routine of going to the gym, doing the same workouts, and using the same equipment can cause us to lose motivation. Naturally, this makes getting up and going to the gym difficult, especially in winter. So why not make it more fun by signing up to dance classes or even Zumba? It is a great way to not only try something new but also to increase your heart rate and burn calories, all whilst having fun! Head to www.zumba.com.au to find loads of Zumba classes near you! 

Reward yourself 

After all the hard work and hitting those goals, there is nothing better than rewarding yourself. Why not treat yourself to a post-workout massage at Lemon Tree Massage or getting a pedi/mani at Country Nails, both located in Port Central.

Ways to Stay Active This Winter

For everyone at Coffs Harbour, head into Endota Spa in Coffs Central to pamper yourself with a luxury body package that will have your muscles thanking you.  

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