Top 10 Father’s Day Movies

Settle in for some feel-good family fun. To celebrate Father’s Day, we’ve put together a list of the best dad movies. Experience the highs, lows and laughs of fatherhood with classics like Three Men and a Baby and Father of the Bride. Or crack up alongside your favourite guy as you enjoy side-splitting comedies like Mrs. Doubtfire and The Game Plan. 

Parenthood – 1989 

In this American comedy/drama film, Steve Martin plays father Gil Buckman who’s trying to juggle his family and career. When he finds out his eldest son has emotional problems and his two younger children also have issues, he begins to question his ability as a father and blames himself. Gil then learns his wife is pregnant with their fourth child and becomes unsure if he can handle it. This movie will definitely be relatable to those who struggle with the work/family balance. 

Mrs Doubtfire – 1993

Starring Robin Williams, this comedy/drama will be sure to leave the family in stitches. The story follows a recently divorced father, Daniel who has little access to his kids. Alongside his brother, he hatches an elaborate plan to dress as an older British woman and convince his ex-wife to hire him as a nanny. However, things get a little awkward when Mrs Doubtfire and Daniel must meet different parties at the same restaurant. Will Mrs Doubtfire’s true identity be revealed? 

Cheaper by the Dozen – 2003 

With Steve Martin once again playing a father role, this family comedy follows the life of Tom and his wife Kate. They’ve both made career compromises to raise their 12 children. But things take a turn when Tom is offered a college football coaching job that requires the whole family to relocate. At the same time, a publisher purchases Kate’s parenting memoir. While she heads off on a book tour, Tom is left to deal with the kids who are unhappy about the move, sending the household into chaos. This movie will get the whole family laughing. Grab the sequel Cheaper by the Dozen 2 for a hilarious night in. 

Daddy Day Care – 2003

With his wife bringing home the bacon, unemployed Charlie (played by Eddie Murphy) becomes a stay-at-home dad to the couple’s young son. With help from his friend Phil, they decide to start a day care centre. Enrolments quickly surge. As they employ another goofy friend, Charlie finds himself dealing with endless red tape to keep the business afloat. 

Three Men and a Baby – 1987 

New York City roommates, Peter, Michael and Jack are all successful and happily unmarried. However, everything changes when a young woman abandons an infant in front of their loft with a note saying the child belongs to Jack. They are now forced to care for the child and although they make hopeless babysitters, they grow quite attached to the little one.

The Game Plan – 2007 

Bachelor football star Joe has it all. He’s wealthy, carefree and his team is on its way to capturing a championship. His young daughter turns up which sends his life running in an unexpected direction. Now he must learn to parent while juggling his career. This is a hilarious film that will be sure to get the whole family laughing. 

Daddy’s Home – 2015 

Brad (played by Will Farrell) is a kind-hearted radio executive who wants to be the best possible stepfather to his wife’s two kids. Brad develops an inferiority complex once her ex-husband Dusty (played by Mark Wahlberg) breezes back into town. As Dusty demonstrates his flair for athletics, home repair and bad-boy charisma, Brad finds himself in a no-holds-barred battle to win the approval of his family. This is a light-hearted comedy which shows the sweet and honest truth about fatherhood. 

Father of the Bride – 1991 

George and Nina are proud parents of Annie. Annie announces she is engaged which turns their whole world upside down especially for overprotective dad, George. From meeting the in-laws to wedding plans with an over-the-top consultant and his flamboyant assistant, it seems that troubles never end. Once again Steve Martin playing the role of a father will have everyone in stitches. 

We Bought a Zoo – 2011

LA journalist Benjamin decides to make a fresh start after his wife’s death. He quits his job and moves his children to a property containing the Rosemoor Wildlife Park. Though closed for years, Rosemoor is still home to many animals and carer Kelly. Benjamin opens his heart and his wallet as he, Kelly and the others work to renovate and reopen the zoo. This is a warm and uplifting film about overcoming struggles after a tragedy. 

Fatherhood – 2021

A man brings up his daughter as a single dad after the unexpected death of his wife a day after she gave birth. This movie follows the challenges of being a new dad trying to work out the art of parenting for the first time. With the help from his mum, mother-in-law and a family friend, he slowly works his way through the new normal. This is a heartfelt and touching film – pass the tissues to dad.