Tasty River Treasures

Let’s face it, when it comes to oysters you either love them or you hate them, but if you are a fan, then the north coast of New South Wales is a great place to indulge.  

Sydney rock oysters are world renowned for their rich and creamy taste, and those that flourish in the Nambucca River – known as an oyster ‘sweet spot’, are quite likely some of the best oysters you will ever have the pleasure to devour. The Nambucca is blessed with a very clean river system, fed from highly mineralised water that comes straight off the mountains, which is why the shells are so white and the flavour so unique.  

oysters nambucca heads tasty treats

Anthony Mark Donohoe has been farming oysters on the Nambucca River for 25 years. He also has a farm up in the hills, so when he’s not on the river harvesting oysters, he’s out in the fields mustering cattle.  

The good news is that as well as supplying Sydney fish markets, he sells direct to the public, so those looking for an oyster fix can buy directly from the source – and it just doesn’t get any fresher than that.

“Up to fifty cars a day pull up at the farm,” Donohoe tells Cb.  

He’s obviously an expert on the subject, so we ask Tony what is the best way to eat an oyster? “Raw and natural ” is his answer, but he adds that of course, it is all a matter of personal taste. “I have three daughters and they all love oysters. One likes them with avocado, chilli and cheese, one likes her’s Mornay-style, and the other prefers them with bacon.”  

oysters nambucca heads tasty treats Donohue

If you are heading down (or up) the Pacific Highway, just look for the sign OYSTERS by Nambucca Heads and treat yourself to some tasty little treasures right from the river. 

The question on everyone’s lips? 

Oysters pack a mighty punch of protein, iron and brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids. They are also high in zinc which aids the production of testosterone and are rich in rare amino acids that trigger sex hormones. So, ugly and slimy as they may be, the answer is yes, their reputation as an aphrodisiac hits the mark. 

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