Take a Tour of the Port Macquarie Surfing Museum

The Port Macquarie Surfing Museum brings Australia’s wave riding history to life. Started by a group of mates, the museum now boasts in excess of 90 exhibits. From 16-foot solid timber Tooth Picks from the forties to twins fins from the eighties and modern thrusters, the museum shows the fascinating evolution of surfing. Coastbeat took a tour with the Museum’s Alan Jeffrey. 

A permanent home

The Port Macquarie Surfing Museum has just moved to Lighthouse Beach Plaza Shopping Centre but a permanent home is on the cards. The council is currently considering the preferred site at Oxley Reserve.

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“Hopefully we’ll know by June 30 whether or not we can occupy the land opposite Oxley Beach,” Alan says. “If that comes off it will be fabulous.”

Alan believes the Museum will be a major tourist attraction for Port Macquarie. But he points out that the main aim is to retain and share the east coast’s surfing history.

“Port has such a rich and colourful surf story and we just don’t want to lose it,” Alan says.

A collection or old and new surfboards
Take a Tour of the Port Macquarie Surfing Museum

United through history

Alan describes the Museum as a meeting place. He says many surfers in their fifties, sixties and seventies come to reminisce. They run their hands over the fibreglass and think back to their teenage years.

“When they see the old boards, it brings back memories of when they first started surfing,” he smiles.

Take a Tour of the Port Macquarie Surfing Museum
Take a Tour of the Port Macquarie Surfing Museum

Where did Australian surfing originate?

While many believe that visiting Hawaiian Olymoic swimmer Duke Kahanamoku opened the first chapter of surfing in Australia, there’s more to the story. The Museum’s Keith McMullen explains:

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