Sugar free? Put some rice in your Tea!

Another medicinal munchy coming down off the supermarket shelf is rice malt syrup, a sweet treat that is completely fructose free. Experts tell us that a spoonful of sugar will not help the medicine go down, so rice malt syrup is a great sugar substitute.

There are many different naturally occurring sugars, but it is fructose that is commonly referred to as ‘sugar’ and being cited as an addiction more difficult to kick than nicotine. But don’t take our word for it. Writer, lawyer and researcher David Gillespie wrote a whole book on the health perils of over-consuming sugar. Sweet Poison refers to that white powder and explains the frightening links between sugar, obesity, cancer and many of the other epidemic health problems of our times.

Sweet Poison David Gillespie

Rice syrup is available at all good supermarkets.

Grab a copy of Sweet Poison from Bookface at Port Central. Find out more about David Gillespie and his other fascinating books Taming Toxic People, Big Fat Lies and Toxic Oils at