Spring Styles: Love Your Locks

Spring is the season of change. We deep clean our homes, sort out our wardrobes and plant a veggie garden with a solemn commitment to keep it alive. Spring is the time to shake off winter and mix things up! Why not start with your hair? A huge chop can seem daunting and nerve racking for some, we get it. We’ve gathered the top trends to try this spring so you can ease you into a new style.

90s Flipped Out Ends 

With a nod to the 90s, this trend is making a comeback. Flipped out ends is a super easy and quick style to achieve and is also great for camouflaging dead ends. Simply use an oil to prep the hair to add shine to the ends and avoid them from separating when a heating tool is applied. We recommend the De Lorenzo Defence Thermal Argan Oil from The Hair Hub or the L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Coco from Chemist Warehouse. The flipped-out ends can be achieved by simply using a hair dryer or flat iron to create an outwards facing curve at your ends.

A woman having her hair cut


If you are wanting to experiment with your hair without losing any length, a fringe is the way to go. This is also a great option for those who are also wanting to wear an up-do with their hair while also still having some shape or frame to their face. Ask your stylist to soften the bangs so they grow out more naturally. 

A blonde woman with curtain bangs

Curtain Bangs 

Curtain Bangs are a nice style without committing to the full blunt cut. They softly frame the face and can easily be tucked behind your ears without clipping them back. Curtain Bangs will also elevate the messy bun look and take any up-do to the next level. They’re especially suited to round faces as they create a lengthening effect. 

An Asian woman having her hair blow dried

Voluminous Roots 

There is something about adding oomph to your hair that can make any style, cut or colour stand out. Voluminous roots can be easily achieved by blow drying your hair from the root up or using a volumizing product such as the De Lorenzo Elements Amplify Volumising Spray from The Hair Hub or John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Volumiser from Chemist Warehouse

To update your spring hair style, cut or colour simply book into the stylists at The Hair Hub. Phone 6583 7791.

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