A message from Festival Directors

It’s with an immensely heavy heart that we announce SWIFF’22’s Storyland outdoor music event has been postponed due unprecedented weather.

The full 16-day SWIFF’22 indoor film and special events line-up will continue to go ahead as planned from April 21 to May 6, and we thank everyone for their continued support the festival. 

Flood Crisis

La Niña, the weather pattern causing the Northern NSW Flood Crisis, has impacted Coffs Harbour, including Storyland’s event site, as well as several of our artist team and crew who have been personally and directly impacted by flooding in Northern NSW.

We ask all ticketholders to please continue supporting live music

For Ticketholders

We ask all ticketholders to please continue supporting live music, and our vision to bring Storyland to the Coffs Harbour community, by holding on to their tickets until the new date is announced. However, if people need a refund, please contact the festival directly.

Going Forward

With our aim to make this an ongoing, annual, and fantastic celebration of music and arts, locally produced for our Coffs Harbour community and visitors, this decision is about being responsible. We value our team and being able to produce a quality, ambitious, and ongoing event that our community deserves. It’s critical that we get the first year right.

After seeing many festivals cancelled late over the last two years, we have made the very difficult decision to postpone now, before festival-goers travel from around Australia, before trucks are packed with equipment, before food vendors purchase their produce, and before artists and crew travel to Coffs Harbour. 

We will announce a new date for Storyland as soon as we can, coordinating with our artists and team, which will sit outside the SWIFF’22 festival dates. 

A one-day festival isn’t just one day.

It requires significant bump-in and bump-out either side, which is also likely to be impacted by weather. Thank you to our crew for your work across the last year, along with our team of artists, and our festivalgoers for supporting the next chapter of Storyland