Sea Shepherd’s UnTrashing Djulpan

“If we look after Mother Earth, she’ll look after us…”

These words are taken from the powerful new Sea Shepherd documentary, UnTrashing Djulpan that highlights the staggering impact of plastic and other debris finding its way to even the most remote corners of our beautiful land.

Coastbeat proudly supports the work of Sea Shepherd and has long had close ties with them through the Gowings Whale Trust. The Trust was established by our managing director, John Gowing some years ago and formed a partnership with Sea Shepherd in 2016.

In our 2018 Winter issue, we had an insightful article about Sea Shepherd’s fantastic efforts in their marine debris campaign which by mid last year, had resulted in over 1.2 million pieces of rubbish collected from Australia’s beaches and waterways.

Sea Shepherd’s UnTrashing DjulpanSome of the marine debris collected by Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd’s dedication to removing marine debris has taken them all over Australia and in 2018, Sea Shepherd joined forces with the Dhimurru indigenous rangers of North-East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory for a remote marine debris clean-up mission.

Sea Shepherd’s UnTrashing DjulpanAn image from the documentary, UnTrashing Djulpan

Sadly, despite being such a remote beach, far from any town or city, the Dhimurru rangers have been faced with an increasing tide of plastic pollution arriving on their coastline for the past decade. Together, the team’s plan was to remove as much plastic from the beach as possible but what they uncovered was the sad reality of plastic pollution today. This film tells their story.

View the trailer of Untrashing Djulpan

Screenings will take place around Australia from next week. Keep an eye on the Sea Shepherd website where additional screenings will be added and hopefully, local screenings aren’t far off.

You can support Sea Shepherd’s environmental endeavours by purchasing merchandise from Port Central and Coffs Central or online.