Sculptures by the Sea in Coffs Harbour

The Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney and Perth is the largest annual free-to-the-public outdoor sculpture exhibition in the world. An estimated 750,000 visitors celebrate the work of Australian and overseas artists in Bondi and Cottesloe each year.

Shopping in the Heart of
Coffs Harbour

Art for us all to enjoy

One of the attendees of the Sydney exhibition in 2017 was our managing director, John Gowing who was struck by the beauty of a number of sculptures. With a vision to share these internationally recognised works of art with the north coast community, Gowings has brought 12 pieces to Coffs Central where we all have the opportunity to enjoy them.

Sculptures by the Sea in Coffs Harbour
Australian artist April Pine created three surf bound figures

The striking sculptures, most of which are by Australian artists, also create a feeling of beauty within the centre itself. The works of art are displayed throughout Coffs Central.

Sculptures by the Sea in Coffs Harbour
The work of Western Australian sculptor Sally Stoneman (l) is near Kmart and ‘Phantom Vessel II’ is in the entry corridor on Level 1

Also, on display and part of the Sculpture & Artwork Trail is ‘Finn’ the whale (at the top of the travelators) by Coramba artist, Stefan Bruggiser. ‘Finn’ is made from locally sourced spotted gum and steel and is a stunning inclusion in the centre. ‘Finn’ was commissioned by the Gowings Whale Trust.

Sculptures by the Sea in Coffs Harbour
‘Finn’ was commissioned by the Gowings Whale Trust 

Bright and beautiful and taking pride of place on the Vernon Street façade of Coffs Central is a mural by Bowraville artist, Nelli Gallop, Nelli won a competition Coffs Central ran at the start of 2018. Her bold artwork, like many of the large-scale mural she does, is inspired by Aboriginal dreamtime stories. You can read more about Nelli here.

Sculptures by the Sea in Coffs Harbour
Nelli stands before her large-scale mural. Image by Rob Wright

Take the time to enjoy these gorgeous works of art across the shopping centre.

For more information on these unique creations and to explore the trail, grab a copy of the Sculpture and Artwork Trail brochure from the Concierge Desk on Ground Floor or the Promotions table on Level 1 (at the top of the travelators).

If art interests you, read about talented creatives we’ve interviewed such as Jeramie Scahill, Michael Langley, Niah Juella McLeod, Claude Teyssier & Margrit Rickenbach.