Robert King’s Postcards from Tasmania: Week Four

Some places are so beautiful they deserve a second look. Join Robert King as he returns to one of the most beautiful places in Tasmania, capturing the landscape for Coastbeat.

Doubling Up

One of the things that fascinates me about photographing amazing locations is that each time, the landscape offers something new. After traveling the full way around the island I decided to head back to Freycinet to experience the Wineglass Bay hike again. This time I figured I’d add a sunrise plane ride over the bay. Plans…remember that old joke? This time it was my plans versus the weather. With cloud cover obscuring the bay and all my best shots, I focused for the silver lining: a free evening to hike back up to Mt Amos.

Not Being a Mountain Goat

The hike is steep, really steep, as you’ll remember from an earlier postcard. But the weather looked to be holding up and I love a good challenge, so up I went. I reached the summit at sunset, scrambling up slippery rock faces like a mountain goat wouldn’t. When I made it to the tip I was rewarded by the most beautiful view of the Freycinet headland and Wineglass Bay. The scramble was definitely worth it, and doubly rewarded when the following morning the sunrise flight was cancelled because of low-hanging fog. 

Robert King’s Postcards from Tasmania: Week Four

The Nut and the Nutter

After Freycinet, I made my way up to Stanley to see the famous Nut, which is the remains of an ancient volcanic plug, punctuating the gorgeous bay near Stanley. Its large, mostly flat surface that can be circumnavigated on foot and offers stunning views across the Rocky Cape National Park. After making the most of the bay with my drone, I returned to Devenport for the 10:30pm ferry to Victoria. With time on my hands, what better way to pass a brisk Tasmanian afternoon than by sampling some of the renowned Dasher + Fisher gin at the Southern Wild Distillery? It was a tough assignment, but I saw it through, and even managed to make my ferry to Melbourne. [Enough already, Rob. You want a medal? Ed.]

Robert King’s Postcards from Tasmania: Week Four

Mainland Magic

I used the hour ferry ride to Melbourne to sleep it off…my rigorous climbing back at Wineglass Bay, I mean. I slept the majority of the ride but was able to get up in time to see the city starting to wake as we came into port. The stunning sunrise was made even more magical by a lone hot air balloon flying over the city. 

Robert King’s Postcards from Tasmania: Week Four

Storms Brewing

However, clear skies were but a dream – as this was all happening the big storm was making its way down the coast, so I made an executive decision to cut short my trip and return to Sydney to wait out the storm. Traveling north in extreme weather, my thoughts were with all those on the eastern seaboard of NSW who have been devastated by these floods.

Future Plans

Well, as I’ve observed throughout the Tassie trip, the best laid plans… But as soon as it is safe to travel again, I’ll be making my way back down to Victoria for the next leg of my great Australian road trip – hope you can join me. If you’ve enjoyed these postcards from Tasmanian, let the team at Coastbeat know (that editor needs some cheering up, I think) and I’ll see you on the road!

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