Real Food Markets – Port Macquarie

There’s no better way to learn about the food you eat than to be on first name terms with the people who planted, tended and harvested it. They are the people who can explain how it was grown, what was used in its production and will probably have some good tips on the best ways to cook and serve it. Every Tuesday from noon, the Port Central Forecourt comes alive with food stalls run by passionate locals presenting a diverse range of home-grown produce. Real food means eating locally produced, chemical free, organic and delicious ingredients that give you nutritious and wholesome food. Among those in the stalls at the Real Food Markets are Rosmarie and Fred Sidler from Sidler Veggies. They have lived on their farm near Comboyne, 35 kilometres from Port Macquarie, for 37 years and Rosmarie is a fourth-generation marketer. On their farm you can find them growing vegetables, proteas and native flowers as well as breeding Angus cattle and raising chickens and ducks. They don’t use any chemicals on their products. Likewise, the Bailey Family sell the fresh vegetables they grow at The Eastward Garden located at Rollands Plains, north-west of Port Macquarie. They are committed to supplying the community 52 weeks a year. The Baileys grow a wide variety of high-quality, nutrient-dense produce, are non-certified organic and also process some of their garden produce into specialty products such as kale pesto, kale powder, kale chips, spinach pastry rolls, veggie pies and soups, and sauces. The Real Food Markets also has vendors selling organic eggs, local macadamias and honey, cured meats, local cheese, fresh fruits and much more. All the produce on offer is locally grown or made and much of it has been picked within 48 hours of purchase. You can’t get fresher than that!

When: Every Tuesday from noon

Where: Port Central Forecourt, Clarence Street

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