Rats of Tobruk Exhibition

The 80th anniversary of the Siege to Tobruk falls during 2021. By April 10 1941, the German and Italian forces had surrounded the Tobruk garrison which was being defended by British Commonwealth forces including more than 14,000 Australians. Along the perimeter the first shots were exchanged. The siege had begun. Heavy fighting continued for 242 days. It was an epic battle and despite heavy casualties, the Tobruk garrison was held. This was one of the longest sieges in British military history and gave rise to the legend of the mighty ‘Rats of Tobruk’.

From April 13, you’ll have the chance to see a unique visual display commemorating the 80th Anniversary of this historic event. The Rats of Tobruk Exhibition can be viewed at:

Level 1, Coffs Central – opposite endota spa

Level 1, Port Central – alongside the food court

This exhibition is presented in collaboration with The Rats of Tobruk Association.

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