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What do you do when you break a leg? You start an organics business.

Well that’s what Matt Rullis, a National Oztag representative did in 2010.

“I was never a big fan of TV news, it always seemed to be bad news” recalls Matt. So he spent his recovery time tuning into science podcasts and documentaries. This was to turn his beliefs upside down and reset his life direction, as he became increasingly aware of the deleterious effects the commercial food industry was having on the earth and its’ inhabitants.

Matt wasn’t always a healthy lifestyle advocate; living a modern urban young man’s life, chasing the latest and greatest material possessions in Sydney’s fast lane, he was largely unaware of the consequences of his consumer habits. He was enticed to move to the mid-north coast in 2005 with a role in his parents’ business and the prospect of an outdoor country life for his children.

organic mattr fresh produce

What followed was the continuing of an entrepreneurial family tradition, with Matt opening his own store, Organics MattR with daughter Jemma in 2014. Matt would often spend 100 hours a week travelling to Sydney, hand-picking bargains of fresh, seasonal, organic produce, just as his grandparents had done fifty years earlier for their door-to-door delivery service in Liverpool, Sydney.

“Giving the general public choices about doing what is good for the environment and their own health is what inspires me to succeed with Organics MattR” says Matt.

Matt’s father Alex Rullis helps out his son just as he did with his parents back in 1960s in Liverpool. It was in Alex’s furniture and wine store in Wauchope that Organics MattR got its start, with a few shelves of produce and Matt’s enthusiastic advice to customers about all things food, health and environment.

Living and working where others come to holiday, Matt is succeeding in bringing certified-organic choices to regional NSW with his weekly farmers’ market stall at Taree and Organics MattR at Port Central. His harmonious formula of family, clean air, good food and a simpler life is keeping the Rullis clan healthy, wealthy and wise.

organic mattr matt with cabbage

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