Odd + Quirky Facts on… Port Macquarie

1. The region is well-known for its affinity to the koala and connection to koala habitation and conservation. It is home to the Koala Hospital and the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail.

2. Sea Acres National Park is home to one of the largest and most intact segments of coastal rainforest in our state.

Odd + Quirky Facts on… Port Macquarie

3. Tacking Point Lighthouse was Australia’s lucky number 13 when it was built in 1879. It stands at just eight metres tall.

Family fun in Port Macquarie
Tacking Point Lighthouse, Lighthouse Beach. Photo by Cain Pascoe

4. Chosen for its isolation, Port Macquarie was a founded as a penal settlement in 1821. It was home to many an unsavoury character!

5. Port Macquarie is on the same latitude as the Lord Howe Island, which can be reached in 4 hours. Direct flights are available from Port to LHI seasonally (February to June and then again from September to December).

Odd + Quirky Facts on… Port Macquarie

6. The rock art of the break-wall started out as an art competition in 1995.

Breakwall at Port Macquarie
Break-wall, Town Beach. Photo by Cain Pascoe