Abundant Vitality Farms

Meet the Farmer: Adam Tutt of Abundant Vitality Farms. 

We chat to Adam about farm life, nutrition and community.

Abundant Vitality Farms is a 10-acre bio-intensive farm in Bowraville NSW run by farmers Adam Tutt and Jessica Dyer, who sell their highly nutritious microgreens at Port Central’s Real Food Markets every Tuesday from 12pm.

Abundant Vitality Farms

Q. How long have you been in the farming business?

A. I grew up in the Nambucca Valley and was always around farms, animals, fruits and veggies. Despite all the hard work, I always thought of farming as fun! After working in construction and travelling overseas I decided to move home to the Nambucca area.

Family has become a priority – I’m from four generations who grew up in this region. Abundant Vitality Farms has been in business for close to a year now and we’ve been at the Real Food Market in Port Macquarie for a couple of months now.

Q. What have you on offer at the next market?

A. Our focus is on microgreens, which are a gateway crop that supports our larger agricultural plan. Microgreens have an amazing nutritional profile. For example, broccoli sprouts can provide the body with up to 100 times the cancer-fighting sulforaphane of mature broccoli. This means that you easily get as much benefit from 50 grams of broccoli micros as you would if you ate three to five kilograms of fully grown broccoli. The scientific research supporting the use and benefits of sprouts is simply incredible!

Q. What’s your motivation for doing what you do?

A. Our main aim has always been to make an abundance of fresh nutritious food available in our local region and for our family. The focus is on food for health, and we also enjoy the benefits of working from home and being close to family.

Another important aspect of farming for us is creating and working with a community of local farmers. We all help each other out. When we come down to the Real Food Markets we pick up produce from a Port Macquarie farmer and take it up to their customers in Bellingen. We’ve also formed a farmers collective in Nambucca and have a roster so we can take it in turns to run farmers market stalls – this makes it easier for everyone and means farmers get more time on the land. It also benefits customers by giving them more variety at the markets.

Q. Where else can we find your produce?

A. We supply to supermarkets, retailers and wholesalers from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie (visit our website for a full list). We’re also at the Coffs Growers Market and are part of the Bello Food Boxes and North Arm Farms food boxes.

Q. How can customers get in touch with you?

A. Visit us on Instagram or Facebook or our website.