Live Art with Loretta Lizzio

Artist Loretta Lizzio chats to Coastbeat about life, romance and inspiration.  

“I was drawing even before I was talking,” says Loretta Lizzio,

a talented solo exhibitionist and street artist who was recently at Coffs Central to create a one-off painting for the Urban Life store.  

The live art event was sponsored by Element to celebrate 25 years of skateboarding, art and nature. Inspired by their latest jungle-themed range, Lizzio spread a giant canvas on the floor and spent two days painting a striking image of a leopard emerging from thick jungle canopy. In what turned out to be a highly interactive event, passer-bys stopped to chat – sharing wildlife stories and procuring painting tips.  

Loretta Lizzio jaguar artwork

Cb caught up with the artist, an Element Womens advocate, after the event. “I love their style and the way they empower women to live their dreams,” she says of the brand. Lizzio has certainly been busy turning her own artistic dreams into reality,  with her inspired art work adorning many a wall in Australia, and a solo exhibition coming up in Melbourne next year. In 2016 she flew to Europe to design a clothing range for Element which proved a unique opportunity to express her creativity in a different way.   

Her art work has a soft and dream-like quality to it, which she describes as surreal and romantic.

 “I love romance,” she says,

“and anything that is deep and beautiful and soulful. I like to create things that make you stop, and have a feeling of calmness and relaxation.” 

Loretta Lizzio mural

Her inspiration comes from what she calls, “an unexplainable feeling.” She expands,  “I get a hit of inspiration from a particular thing, it can be something simple, like a movie, or words from a song, which sparks something deeper.  

Loretta’s art can be purchased online or if you find you’re in Coffs Central, make sure to pop in and see her painting at Urban Life or visit her online,