Klára Šašková: Expanding Body, Mind and Spirit

In amongst the fresh fruit, veggies and kombucha on offer at the Real Food Markets, you’ll find Klára Šašková. She shares her essential oil blends and gentle wisdom with whoever needs to be encouraged and uplifted. Originally from the Czech Republic, Klara has now settled on the Mid North Coast. She’s made the region her home, offering yoga and bodywork to the community and uniting women for empowering gatherings. 

“A lot of people are becoming more aware of their health, the way they live and how it effects them,” Klára explains. “People are realising that what they put in and on their body affects their whole being.”

“If the pandemic has had one good outcome, it’s that people are now more aware of their lifestyle.”

Klara Saskova Beach

Klára’s own journey was certainly impacted by the uncertainty and upheaval of the last two years. She describes 2020 as her “year of self-discovery”. She moved from Sydney to Telegraph Point and undertook her Yoga Teaching Training. First introduced to the practice in high school, Klára calls yoga her best friend. 

“I’ve been through some really tough times and have needed something to grab on to,” she explains. “Yoga is that thing – it provides hope, acceptance and safety.” 

Klára has taught yoga in Port Macquarie studios as well as high schools, but classes are on pause for now. She dreams of teaching in an outdoor setting and is currently looking for the ideal space. Klára has continued to explore bodywork techniques and will soon be offering Zen Thai Shiatsu at the Wellness Collective in Wauchope.

Connecting Women

Uniting and empowering women is Klára’s passion. She recently began hosting women’s circles as a way to connect. Through conversation, reflection, journaling and meditation, women experience understanding and encouragement. 

“I feel like providing a safe space for women to come together and share whatever they want, show them some fun and love and experience what we have to offer as a community is really empowering,” Klára says. “And we really need empowered women these days.”

Essential Blends at the Real Food Markets

Klára has been at the Real Food Markets for the last few months selling essential oil blends and serums. While she says it can be difficult to find pure, organic essential oils, she has discovered a reputable brand with integrity.

“I started using them as part of my healing journey and found them really helpful,” Klára explains. “I understand some people don’t want to buy a whole essential oil kit so I’ve made blends they can keep in their pocket or bag.” 

She has researched the oils and listened to feedback from customers to create specific blends to aid sleep, grounding, energy and emotions. Klára finds the markets to be a great meeting place and enjoys chatting and exchanging information. Find her there every Tuesday from midday!

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