Julian Wilson’s Personal Connection to Surfebruary

Our content partners FCS caught up with Julian Wilson to discuss fundraising for cancer awareness and Surfebruary. They chat about his eclectic new quiver, favourite fins and why he thinks it’s important for surfers to give back.

What made you want to do Surfebuary?

To be honest I just love the idea of surfing every day on whatever board best suits the conditions. I love that idea. Also, raising funds for cancer research is a massive deal for me personally. It’s an endless ball of string, but it deserves as much time and effort as anyone can generate. And finally, this year I’m at home. I’m not flying anywhere or travelling to an event so I can make sure I’m not missing any days so I can participate for the full time. Richie (Lovett – former World Tour surfer and FCS Ambassador) and I are really good friends and this is a cause that is really close to him following his journey through cancer, so I wanted to support him. I’ve always supported breast cancer awareness at the event at Snapper also, through my Mum and her battles with breast cancer. I just like being able to give back to this cause, especially one that promotes health and wellbeing and getting out in the ocean. I don’t believe there’s another hobby or sport in the world that gives back to important causes like surfing does; just the action of getting in the ocean every day is something that always makes you feel better. I’ve already been through five boards in eight days, so I can definitely say I’m enjoying it.

Do you remember any time ever when you surfed for 28 days straight?

I’ve never done it, especially when I’ve been competing; and that’s pretty much taken up the last 14 years. In that time, I have always been pretty particular about what takes up my energy and how I conserve it. I never thought surfing every single day was the best way to progress for me. I always worked on balance, but now I’m here in this stage of my life, I’m loving it.

Talk to us about what boards you’re riding, it looks like you’ve been riding everything and anything?

So far, I’ve been through two different fibreglass stand-up boogieboards that have carved out channels and they’re so fast and fun. I’ve also been riding two different logs, one that JS shaped me which is a 9’6 Magic Carpet which is really fun. He’s been having a dig at shaping some mals lately which is cool. Also, I’ve been on my 9’8 Thomas surfboard log which is a bit of dream boat and goes so well at all of the points up here on the Sunny Coast. Finally, I’ve been riding a new shortboard that I’ve been working on with JS, which is something a bit different and something we hope might be a bit better for waves we get up on the coast here. I think I’ll be riding the Big Barons this month as well and I pretty much have every other day covered. I’m very lucky.

You mentioned that this isn’t the first time you’ve raised funds for cancer research. Is this an initiative you want to continue in the coming years?

Definitely. It’s something I enjoy getting behind and getting out in the ocean makes me happier and healthier. I think I have only raised about $30 so far, but the main reason for that would have to be my social media dyslexia and not putting the right tags in there. I have a goal of $380, so hopefully I can reach that and get a bit of a building block for next year. This is something I want to continue every year and support people like Richie who have fought their battles with cancer.

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