Indo-Aussie Inspired Cuisine

If you’re like a lot of Aussies who think Bali is another state in Australia, you will be sure to feel right at home at Bluey’s Beach destination café, Kembali.

Chef Ceiron Bartz and his competitive surfer wife, Melissa hail from the Central Coast of New South Wales, and have spent many a holiday in Bali where Ceiron picked up his intimate understanding of Indonesian cuisine. Inspired to bring authentic Balinese food to our shores, the passionate chef soon found the perfect location in the heart of Pacific Palms. Kembali opened its doors in December 2014, and is frequented by both locals and tourists alike.

Boomerang Beach

As with starting any small business in a country town, the road is long and work gruelling, especially with a young family in tow. But with Ceiron’s determination and long-standing experience in the epicurious world, coupled with Melissa by his side taking on administration aspects and managing the floor – the winning duo have succeeded in setting this little gem of a café as an iconic destination in the Great Lakes.

Serving classic Aussie grub with Indo-inspired flavours, the choice is a difficult one.

Brekky burrito with sambal sauce; Indo brekkie bowl; satay chicken with coconut rice and green papaya salad; traditional Nasi Goreng; Atlantic salmon with black sticky rice… There really is something for everyone with the simple yet carefully constructed menu. What’s more is the menu is vegetarian-friendly and caters for health advocates with their delicious range of cold-press juices, smoothies, gluten-free snacks and raw desserts.

Kembali Cafe Fruit

With a humble family ambience, authentic Indonesian interiors coupled with surf art (surfing videos also playing continuously on-screen), you will be forgiven for thinking you’ve made a hop, skip and jump across to the land of the Gods. The Indonesian meaning of Kembali is to go back. And that you will, indulging your tastebuds time and time again for delectable Indo-Aussie inspired cuisine right in the heart of the magical Palms paradise.

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Phone: 02 6554 0889