Depot Kempsey Central – Hometown Hospitality

Anyone who has visited Kempsey’s Depot Café over the last four years has most certainly seen Kira-Ellen Townsend’s big, bright smile and experienced her warm hospitality. Born and raised in Kempsey, Kira-Ellen is committed to her home town and excited to watch it grow and change.

Coastbeat: How long have you been working at Depot Cafe? 

Kira-Ellen Townsend: I’ve been here since the café opened four years ago. We’ve built a really good team and we all work well together. I definitely feel like I’ve come out of my shell and my skills have improved so much. When I first started here I was terrible; so nervous! I’m a completely different person now.

Coastbeat: What’s the best part about your job?

KET: I love meeting new people and getting to know them. I enjoy seeing our regular customers too. They’re very loyal and many pop in every day.

Depot CoffeeIndustrial decor, great coffee and vintage items help customers feel at home in Depot

Coastbeat: Why do people enjoy dining at Depot?

KET: There’s a great atmosphere here and we have an industrial kind of vibe which sets us apart. When people walk in they can tell it’s different to a traditional café. Customers love to check out the quirky vintage items like record players, books and old mirrors. We also offer seating with a spectacular view of the river that’s very popular.

Coastbeat: What was it like to grow up in Kempsey?

KET: I loved it! I feel so lucky to have grown up here. We lived on a property and my nan and pop own a dairy farm. I had a wonderful childhood; I participated in a lot of sports and split my time between the country and the coast. The beaches are only a 20-minute drive away, so I was part of the surf club at Hat Head.

Coastbeat: How do you feel about Kempsey’s future?  

KET: I’ve seen a lot of changes over the last few years but I’m excited about where Kempsey is going. I think it’s a gorgeous area. There’s more here than the majority of people know about.

Visit Depot Café at Kempsey Central Shopping Centre: 2-14 Belgrave Street, Kempsey. Open 7 days.