Gut Lovin’

Once in a while we all have to lose a little dignity in the name of health and beauty – spreading your legs while your therapist is almost too close for comfort in order to perfect that Brazilian, or stripping off in front of a complete stranger so they can spray dark muck all over your body (better known as a spray tan)… But what would possess any sane person to pay almost 100 bucks to get a hose shoved up their bum while someone watches and analyses their poo?!

Colon therapy is the name of the game,

also known as a “colonic”, “colon hydrotherapy”, “colon lavage” or “colon irrigation”, and it seems that everyone is irrigating their bowels. Princess Diana was an outspoken fan and everyone who is anyone has had a go (some very vocal and some very discreet), at flushing away the toxins in order to achieve optimum health, radiant beauty and a lightness of being.

Gut Lovin’

All colon therapy is really about, is hydrating the colon or the large intestine to reduce intestinal toxicity. This wonderful and massive organ is sadly, the martyr of our bodies. It is the last place that is given water, yet it is meant to conserve water; it is meant to manufacture essential B vitamins and beneficial bacteria, yet it is constantly bombarded with sludge from the crappy food we eat; and it is supposed to be our largest elimination channel in our bodies, yet it is constantly burdened with work to do.

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In a 50-minute session, approximately 15 litres of warm, purified water is used to gently flush the colon. Through appropriate use of massage and pressure points, the colon therapist is able to work loose and compacted toxic waste and eliminate far more than any other short-term technique.

The results? Glowing skin, sparkling eyes, vibrant energy, positive mood, increased vitality, clarity of mind, weight-loss and an improved functioning of all systems in the body… And we wonder why all the superstars are doing it!

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