Experience a Chemical Peel at Laser Clinics Australia Coffs Central

Curious about chemical peels? Coastbeat went into Laser Clinics Australia at Coffs Central to find out what’s involved. 

Watch Vienna receive the Enzymatic Micro Peel at Laser Clinics Australia in Coffs Central. It’s designed to renew and restore the skin while soothing, hydrating and micro-exfoliating.

We spoke to Laser and Derm Technician for Laser Clinics Australia at Coffs Central, Reynah Jones. She understands your concerns and the confusion around chemical peels. But she wants you to know there’s nothing to be afraid of! 

What’s in it?

The Enzymatic Micro Peel is the lowest grade peel that Laser Clinics Australia Coffs Central has to offer. It contains papaya enzymes, as well as hydrating hyaluronic acid and niacinamide which is vitamin B3. 

“Essentially what that is going to do is break down the top layer of excess dead skin cells,” Reynah explains. “So it’s really important for encouraging new cells or cell regeneration within the skin.”

Who should have it? 

According to Reynah, this is a great treatment if you’re just starting out on your skin journey. 

“It’s really well suited to clients aiming to prepare their skin for more advanced treatments,” she says. “It’s good for those with sensitive skin, too.” 

However, Reynah wouldn’t recommend this peel for someone with active acne or especially acne-prone skin.

Will my skin actually peel? 

Here’s the thing: everyone’s skin is different and it’s impossible to know how individuals will react. That said, Reynah says it’s rare for clients to peel after an enzyme treatment like this one. The acids work to break down old protein materials in the skin (think dry, dead skin cells) and then encourage the regeneration of healthy new cells. However, you may observe a little micro shedding.

“Some clients get to days five to seven after the peel and feel a little rough and congested, in which case we’d recommend doing an exfoliation,” Reynah explains. “But it’s very rare to experience extreme  peeling after this particular treatment.”

See, nothing to be scared of. Just bright, smooth, super hydrated skin to look forward to! 

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