Complex Simplicity, a body of work by local artist Jan Allsopp, explores how something can be in-depth and multi-layered whilst being easily understood.

The combination of colour, shape, and texture provide glimpses of the extraordinary in the ordinary; showing how simple, and yet how complicated, the feeling of happiness is.

Allsopp, a happiness enthusiast, has learned that happiness is a daily choice. In her work, she shares opportunities for us to also choose happiness.

Allsopp developed her own resource, Creating for Happiness, which aims to build a sustainable creative practice and engage happiness as a buildable habit; her works provide opportunities to view the world through a refreshed lens of wonder.

Explore the interactive ‘room without a roof’ where the sky is the limit for your creativity, be immersed in colour, and traverse the dimensions of Allsopp’s creations.

Event Organiser:

Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery