Drifta Bags: Respect the Bush – Everywhere

How disappointing is it when you’re out and about enjoying the great Aussie bush and the ground is littered with someone else’s rubbish? There’s no excuse for leaving anything behind, we take out what we take in. Drifta Camping and 4WD have teamed up with Coastbeat to help you do just that. Respect the Bush is a campaign to remind people to do the right thing when spending time in our pristine natural environments. Head into Coffs Central and buy two Respect the Bush bags from the concierge desk and have them on hand for your next adventure out bush. One bag is for your rubbish and the other is for any rubbish you may find along the way. Let’s work together to keep our special patch of the coast clean and free from debris. 

When: Now
Where: Coffs Central Concierge


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Coffs Harbour