Caught Inside – Top 5 Surfing Clips #3

Need some surf-inspired viewing? A little froth-out to pass the time? The FCS Team have curated our 5 favourite clips into one bite-sized list to help cure those boredom blues while you’re cruising at home.


Go ‘Behind The Curtain’ with 3 x World Champion, Mick Fanning.

In this episode, we get exclusive insight into Mick’s smooth, classy approach to surfing and what his quiver is looking like now that he’s retired from the tour.

Who: Mick Fanning and long-time pal Richie Lovett with a guest appearance from from shaper, Darren Handley (DHD Surfboards).

What: Hit play and discover a range of equipment Mick is vibing on for his next surf trip.⁣

Where: Come along as Mick opens up his garage and talks us through a few of his favourite boards and preferred fin setups.⁣ ⁣