Matt Gilligan

About me

I am a proud Port Macquarie resident; the mid north coast is my home. I moved to Port Mac with my family when I was 14. Although I left a few times for travel and adventures, I still call this place home. I attended a small country school just outside of Port called Wauchope. I can’t say I was the biggest academic achiever; I was more about the afternoon surfs and getting the guys together to head away for weekend surf trips.

Into my young 20s, I was working in kitchens and saving my pennies to chase waves. I travelled the south pacific actively until my late 20s when the passion for photography trips started to take place.

About my work

I am a freelance professional photographer specialising in food, abstract landscapes, and editorial style images.

I am also a photographic educator and an event runner in conjunction with Sony Australia on their platform called the Sony Scene.

Something interesting about me

I find through the experiences in life — both good and bad — have led me to become the way I am today. I have always felt that to move forward in any way that you learn from all things. I constantly learn and keep a very open mind about the life I live. I do what I do and aim to keep happy, as well as be that positive light in other people’s day-to-day life.

How my friends would describe me

An excited puppy dog! I am often the one that gets the ball rolling with my pals to get out, do activities, and make the most of every day; no matter what the situation is.

What photography means to me

To have the ability to teach and inspire others is indescribable. To be able to be a part of someone discovering their creative abilities is a very special experience.

How to get in touch