Blanks Family Pasta

It’s a well-known fact that everyone loves pasta. If someone tells you they don’t, they’re lying. Port Macquarie couple Alicea and Adam Blanks have taken their love of pasta to the next level. They’ve just launched Blanks Family Pasta and are selling fresh and delicious handmade pasta and sauces. You’ll now find them at Port Central’s Real Food Markets every Tuesday. 

A Family Affair

“Adam and our four-year-old daughter spend hours in the kitchen making pasta together,” explains Alicea Blanks. “Our son is three months old so he doesn’t make it yet, but he will!” 

There’s no denying the “family” element to Blanks Family Pasta. Their shared love of pasta started the business and now they’re sharing it with other families. The Blanks’ have just joined Port Central’s Real Food Market. If their first week is anything to go by, they’re an extremely welcome addition.

“The weather was horrendous, but we sold a lot,” Alicea says. “We were hand rolling cavatelli and it sold out.” 

Get to Know Garganelli

While Adam and Alicea will always have crowd pleasers like fettucine, they’re keen to introduce lesser-known pasta shapes and styles.

“A lot of people haven’t tried cavatelli or garganelli so we’re trying to show them new varieties and keep things interesting,” Alicea explains. 

Locals Supporting Locals

The pasta and sauces are made using as many local ingredients as possible. Fellow Real Food Market stall holders Masters of Fresh supply a lot of the vegetables while the eggs come from Chef to Table.  

“People are starting to discover that there is a lot of good produce in Port Macquarie and the more stores at the Real Food Market the more people will know it,” says Alicea.

Alicia and Adam’s young daughter has already experienced the joys of the markets. She came along for the first week and was even paid $2 and hour for her time.

“She went straight to Target and bought herself a little doll!” laughs Alicea.

Follow Blanks Family Pasta on Instagram and find their fresh pasta, sauces and lasagnes at the Read Food Market every Tuesday from midday.