The Best Picnic Spots on the Mid North Coast

If you’re looking for a romantic picnic spot on the Mid North Coast, get ready to make a tough decision. When it comes to spectacular vistas and sweeping views from the mountains to the sea, we are beyond spoilt for choice. Over on the Coastbeat Instagram, we asked you to nominate your favourite locations, and boy, did you let us know! To save you trawling through the comments, we’ve put this handy list together. Grab the blanket, basket and snacks from Fresco Coffs Central or IGA Port Central then head to one of these picturesque picnic spots today!  

Bonville Headland

The Best Picnic Spots on the Mid North Coast
The view from Bonville Headland by Gary Bell

You’ve got Sawtell Beach to the north, Bonville Beach to the south and the iconic Sawtell Memorial Rock Pool plus the creek down below. There’s plenty of room to spread out and feel like you have this sensational grassy headland to yourself.

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Sawtell Commons
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Muttonbird Island

Landscape shot of a couple on Muttonbird Island overlooking Coffs Harbour Marina
The best spot to watch the sunset? Image courtesy of

Sure, it may be a steep hike but oh, is it worth it! It’s rare to have such a view back towards Coffs Harbour unless you’re on a boat. Enjoy the panoramic perspective as you watch the sun dip below the distant hills.

Smoky Cape

Landscape shot of a beach and sunset
Take the walk from Little Bay to Smoky Cape and picnic along the way!

If you want to make a day of it, you could always hike to your picnic destination. The 10 kilometre trail from Little Bay to Smoky Cape takes you through the stunning Hat Head National Park.

Boambee Headland

Landscape shot of Boambee estuary and rail bridge
Image by Elize Strydom

When standing on Boambee Headland it’s hard to know which way to look. Wherever your gaze lands, you’ll be treated to a visual feast. From the mountains to the creek and out to the ocean, then down the coast and over the village of Sawtell — this magnificent vista holds you in a thrilling embrace.

Crescent Head

Wide landscape shot of Crescent Head
The view over Crescent Head from the water tower

If you happen to be playing golf at Crescent Head just after sunset, this is what you’ll see. But you don’t have to sweat it out over six holes to cop this dazzling display. Head to Crescent Head Lookout and join the walking track over Big Knobby. Make your way north towards Pebbly Beach and stop wherever the mood strikes.


The Best Picnic Spots on the Mid North Coast
Image courtesy of Gethin Coles Bellingen Shire Council

With the beach at your back and the Bellinger River by your side, take a stroll along the Urunga boardwalk. When you get to the lido, claim a patch of grass and tuck into your fancy cheese and crackers. *Chef’s kiss*

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Look At Me Now Headland

The Best Picnic Spots on the Mid North Coast
Image by Tianne Albrow

Share Love Day with the hopping locals at this super special spot. Eastern grey kangaroos own this reserve and you’re bound to bump into a few. It will be a Valentine’s Day to remember, no doubt!

Sealy Lookout 

The Best Picnic Spots on the Mid North Coast

Walk out across the treetops and feel your worries slip away. Looking down at the Coffs Coast from a great height will give you a wonderful sense of perspective and a new appreciation for the person standing next to you. Nawww, all the feels!

South West Rocks

Aerial shot of South West Rocks  headland and ocean
Image by Cain Pascoe

There are picnic spots aplenty along this sprawling headland. Cuddle up close and listen to the waves crashing agains the rocks below while taking in dramatic views up and down the coastline.

Never Never Creek

People sitting beside a rocky creek
Image by Elize Strydom

Not far from Bellingen you’ll find yourself in the Promised Land. Sound too good to be true? It gets better! The Never Never Creek flows through this natural wonderland and offers many secluded little spots for a waterside picnic.

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