Autumn Skincare

The team from Blush Make Up and Beauty in Coffs Harbour share their tips and tricks to have your skin looking its very best this autumn.

With summer now officially behind us, autumn is the perfect time for us to re-examine our skincare routines. Maintaining the same routine all year round is a big no-no as your skin goes through seasonal transitions. If you work your way through the following tips, you can prepare your skin correctly and shred the dreaded dry winter skin.

Facial Peels

Each autumn, our skin begins the reparation process brought on by our summer indulgence of exposure to UV rays and outdoor conditions. These indulgences have left many of us with damage to our pigmentation and have resulted in melanin skin changes. A facial peel will undo the damage and even our skin tone. Another bonus of a facial peel is brighter skin.


After a summer of sun exposure, one of the best ways to prepare the skin for the cooler weather is to make sure it’s completely hydrated. Daily exposure to cold weather can be just as damaging to the skin as persistent sun exposure, so skin hydration is of great importance during the autumn to combat dryness. It’s time to trade up to richer, more hydrating moisturizers. Also, remember to drink plenty of fluids.

Blush Make Up and Beauty Autumn Skincare


The daily application of a good moisturiser keeps the barrier of the skin in good repair and specifically keeps it from drying out and cracking. We love the Sothys Hydra Range as it features a Hydraulic Acid which plumps up your skin and prepares it for winter.


When the seasons change, so should your products. In autumn, your skin needs a lot of TLC, particularly when it comes to moisture and vitamins. Go for the creamier, gentle, non-clogging cleanse that will add extra moisture. If you can find a milk-based cleanser that is formulated with cotton extract, then the cleansing milk will remove impurities whilst soothing the skin.


To effectively remove dead skin cells and leave skin silky smooth and radiant, you will need to exfoliate. The number of times you exfoliate will depend on your skin type. Sensitive skin should exfoliate less – no more than once per week or fortnight. If you don’t have too many difficulties with your skin, twice a week is fine.

Treating your skin well this autumn will ensure you look fabulous for winter.

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