Angourie Blue Pools

While you are in the Clarence Valley, check out the Blue Pools, at Angourie. The pools were formed when miners quarrying the stone above hit a fresh water spring and their quarry filled up with water. The pools are mere metres from Angourie’s uniquely named Spooky Beach and are a perfect place for a picnic. Daredevils love to leap from the rocks into the deep, dark water, but this writer found the whole thing too scary!

So if you’re not into testing gravity, relax with a swim in the clear, cool water, or watch the surfers cutting it up at Spookies. The nearby headland is a great place to watch whales pass by in winter and there are always dolphins at Angourie.

The area is of significance to the people of the Yaegl Nation, traditional custodians of the land. You can find out more about the rich Yaegl culture, and the pools, by visiting the Clarence Valley Council website (link below).