Ageless Matters

  ‘It is never too late to be what you might have been.’

– George Eliot

When enjoying an early morning stroll along the immaculate beaches in Port Macquarie, what strikes is the amount of older folks beginning the day with on an ultra-fine note, with activities ranging from walking, swimming to more strenuous movements such as boot-camp and cross-fit training. It is not only inspiring and makes me wonder, is ageing a state of mind?

Everyone seems to be worried sick about ageing. The explosion of anti-ageing supplements, beauty products and treatments (including invasive cosmetic treatments) form a growing multi- billion-dollar industry. But ageing is part and parcel of life, and the wonderful thing about growing older is self-acceptance and wisdom. You no longer sweat the small stuff. You can let go of regret and ego-driven behaviour. Hopefully, as you age you naturally become more in touch with your soul. In your golden years, you might have more time for your family, friends and yourself. If you choose to wind down work, your schedule can be liberated. It’s the time when you can really enjoy the fruits of your labour. You might find time to help within the community, do volunteer work or discover a new passion.

ageless matters exercising

Age is most definitely a state of mind. If you see yourself as old, you will feel and look old. But you can empower yourself by seeing ageing as a natural progression. No matter how many facelifts you get or sports cars you buy, you can’t actually stop the clock. Accept this fact and growing old will not seem like a disease that you have to treat, but a time of spiritual gifts such as wisdom and compassion.

As we age, our bodily functions naturally slow down and the ability to eliminate toxins and acids may reduce. Accumulation of these waste products is the main cause of the visible signs of ageing. Because the harmful by-products cannot be efficiently released, the body stores them in organs and fat, giving rise to a host of conditions such as high cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis and osteoporosis.

So, let’s take a leaf out of Port’s seniors book. Movement is key to longevity and keeps ill health at bay. Coupled with a healthy diet, these are the only sure-fire way to slow down the impact of ageing and as well as ensuring a positive state of mind.