A Gift For Every Dad

There’s no manual for fatherhood and no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Growing up, Elize Strydom wished her dad was like all the other fathers around her. But when her brothers had children, she gained a new insight into fatherhood’s challenges and shifts. Elize learnt to appreciate the unique ways men approach the role of ‘dad’ and began to celebrate their differences. Now she knows exactly what to give her father on the first Sunday in September.    

My Dad

My dad recently admitted that he’s never liked rugby league. I was taken aback. The revelation sat in stark contrast to my vivid childhood memory of dad’s weekly ritual: eagerly opening a pack of Smiths crinkle cut chips and sitting down to watch Friday night football. Had I made this up? When I mentioned the memory, dad didn’t deny it but explained he’d watched the games and barracked for the Tigers in an attempt to relate to other men but hadn’t really enjoyed it. My father is not your average Aussie bloke, and I’ve learned to love him for it, but it took me a while. You’re likely to find him buried in the pages of a thick book, wiping a tear from his eye as he listens to classical music at full volume, or intently watching an historical documentary. Dad has been an art teacher for most of his life and thoroughly enjoys cooking and gardening. I’ve never seen a drop of beer touch his lips and I don’t think he owns a pair of shorts. When I was a teenager, I sometimes wished my dad could be like the dads I saw around me; the ones who fixed cars, went on bush walks and actually liked rugby league. 

My Brothers

Watching my two brothers become fathers was an unexpected joy. I witnessed them step up to the plate and negotiate fatherhood’s challenges with strength and tenderness. I saw new facets to their personalities and a depth in their characters. While changing nappies and blending steamed vegetables, putting band-aids on grazed knees and comforting their distressed little ones, these brothers of mine were experiencing a profound shift and changing in ways I could never have anticipated. Sure, they were adopting different approaches and experimenting with different parenting styles – and I can’t say that didn’t lead to a bit of tension – but their shared experience brought them closer.     

On Fatherhood

I saw fatherhood in a new light and in turn, began to gain a deeper appreciation for my dad. Instead of focussing on the type of father I wished he was, I learned to be grateful for his differences and chose to celebrate his unique approach to life. I began to realise that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ way of doing fatherhood; no one version of ‘dad’ that deserves to be elevated over another. For years I’d struggled to think of what to give dad for Father’s Day. Looking back, I sheepishly admit that I bought gifts for the made-up dad in my head – think gym memberships, car magazines and NRL tickets. Now that I’ve accepted who he is and what he values, it’s much easier to find something just right. 

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A Gift For Every Dad
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