Valentine’s Day or just another day?

Love is in the air…well actually more like love is down the drain with all this rain if our recent Instagram survey results are anything to go by! It sounds like many of you need to bring sexy back with last-minute romance ideas…..

As you know, we love hearing from our fabulous Coastbeat Community – yes that’s you, be it with interesting story ideas, gorgeous photo submissions and great local recommendations and we decided it was time to pick your brains, this time about the day many consider the most romantic of the year.

We asked our Coastbeat Instagram followers if they were going to celebrate Valentine’s Day and here’s what they had to say….

We offered our respondents four options, ranging from the most to least romantic:

  1. Of course. It’s the most romantic day of the year.
  2. Yes, but only because it’s important to my partner.
  3. Meh.
  4. No, I don’t care about it.


Are you going to celebrate Valentine's Day Infographic.

Of the people who weighed in on this topic, 45.5% were female, 31.8% were male, and the remaining portion had a business account.

Well, it looks like the overwhelming response from our followers was that Valentine’s Day was no big deal at all.

Hmmm…perhaps you like to be romantic on a day of your choosing or perhaps all the mushy stuff it’s simply not part of who you are but we think it’s fair to say that most people in a relationship would welcome a thoughtful gesture, regardless of the date (hot tip though – we know we’re not all great at remembering weddings anniversaries but to forget a birthday is a no no).

After all, who doesn’t like feeling appreciated so sure, today may be not the day you write a card, buy some blooms or opt for any of these 11 suggestions or great gift ideas but surely, bringing a smile to the person you love is always a good thing…….

Happy Valentine’s Day!