Sustainable Art / Weighted Lines

Weighted Lines is the inspiration of self-confessed ‘wood geek’ David Aldous, who transforms the unique structure of mighty trees into intimate, delicate imprints. Each line represents a development in the life of the tree, mapping the ebb and flow of the environment throughout the life of the living tree.  

What was the catalyst for Weighted Lines?

For years I have walked past fallen trees out in nature, I have always stopped to appreciate their beauty and unique qualities that make them all so different. I want to pay homage to their life, to their contribution to this world, to personify their existence. 

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How does the name Weighted Lines describe the lines of the tree imprints?

Just like the lines in our palms and the lines on our faces, they tell a story. I wanted to personify their existence and to create a bridge between them and us. I feel like each work is a portrait of their life. When I return from each expedition I have a stamp made up of the co-ordinates from where I found the tree. Without giving each tree a name I feel this cements its existence in time forever. 

David feels strongly that the work he does honours the landscape we all share. The works are the result of many days searching through the bushland. They are printed in ink on artisan paper and framed with a craftsman’s care. David’s work gives a second life to the trees whose imprint they bear and he donates 10% of the sales from his exhibitions back to the Indigenous custodians of the land. 

Pressings are limited to ten per tree; so each pressing is as unique as the tree it comes from. Pressings are sold in their original state, pulled directly from each tree, hand numbered and signed.  


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