Mana Made

Gyms… you either love them or hate them, it appears there is no middle ground. Steroid-filled muscle men pacing the floors, intimidating body builders hogging equipment, narcissistic social media lovers taking selfies in mirrors are just some images that spring to mind.

Stumbling across Mana Fitness, tucked away in Suffolk Park in Byron Hinterland is therefore a refreshing and welcome change. Family friendly, down to earth and locally owned by father and son duo Joe and Bruce, this gem of a gym places huge emphasis on providing an unintimidating and encouraging environment.

Mana Fitness sign

It seems that more than some are a little over self-obsessed training types, as this humble gym, which opened its doors four years ago, has fast become a local’s favourite. Mana’s training studio and group fitness centre is where you can feel comfortable sweating it out, whether that be in a private or semi-private training session or hitting the gym solo for your own workout. Joe explains:

“At Mana, everybody is encouraged to improve themselves in every facet of their lives, not just fitness.”

He goes onto say, “We are very close knit and extremely passionate about what we do. We love coming to work everyday and creating a vibe that is infectious. In my opinion, that’s exactly what you need when you’re working out – people to encourage and inspire you to want to better yourself, not a drill sergeant barking orders and pushing you to your limits.”

Mana also stock a comprehensive selection of locally made supplements and tasty health foods to fuel your workout or pep you up post-training. And, if you’re looking to take your health and fitness to the next level, Mana hosts fitness retreats both locally around Byron Bay and internationally in Bali.

Mana Fitness workout

If you are wanting to sculpt that physique whilst not taking yourself too seriously, then you’ll be made in Mana.