• John Gowing

    John Gowing

    Managing Director

    “The pristine environment, no traffic and being able to go for a walk and swim everyday. The community feel of small coastal towns, the diversity of each region and its people.”

  • Saimaa Miller

    Saimaa Miller


    “Breathtaking beaches, lush rainforests, stunning lakes and great surf. The best things in life are free and we get to experience it everyday living on the coast.”

  • Olivia Hannah

    Olivia Hannah

    General Manager

    “My family love camping, fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, surfing, bike riding. The coast is truly nature’s adventure playground with a new secret to discover every weekend.”

  • Kyle Rathbone

    Kyle Rathbone


    “I love the sense of community, the quirky shops, cafés and walking our dog with my fiancé along the many immaculate beaches. Driving with no traffic is a bonus.”

  • Miriam Van Lith

    Miriam Van Lith

    Creative Director

    “The peace and tranquility of the lakes and the movement and energy of the ocean. Plenty of space to have my family, horses and animals around me.”

  • Skippa


    Team Mascot

    “Living on the coast means a laidback lifestyle. Fresh air, bush tucker and lots of time out on the paddleboard with my dad. Woof.”

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Glenn Leahy, Coast Pictures

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Sinclair Black, Coastal Media

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